2018 Negotiation Details & Highlights

CSS 2019-2022 Comprehensive Report
CSS 2019-2022 Highlights – Community Living and General Services
CSS 2019-2022 Table Attachment
CSS 2019-2022 Highlights – Aboriginal Services

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Wage Grids

Aboriginal Services Wage Grid for Delegated Programs
Community Living/General Services Wage Grid - April 1, 2018
Community Living/General Services Wage Grid - February 1, 2018
CSSEA Wage Grid - effective April 1, 2020
CSSEA Low Wage Redress - effective April 1, 2021


In building a better B.C. for everyone, the provincial government named three key priorities in its strategic plan for the next three years: making life more affordable; delivering services people can count on; and building a strong, sustainable economy. The new collective agreement we are working to negotiate for CSS workers can help government deliver on these important goals. See: Province of BC Strategic Plan 2018/19 - 2021/22

Community Social Services Health and Safety Handbook

Community Social Services Collective Agreements (2014 - 2019)

Bargaining 101

2018 Negotiation Details & Highlights

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